Why use Cohesive Bandage as Sports Strapping Tape

Cohesive Bandage sticks only to itself, and not to skin or hair like traditional tapesThis makes it a unique product. Cohesive Bandage is a versatile and useful bandage with many applications. Uses of Cohesive Bandage include:

  • To keep Dressing in place
  • To provide support to injured joints & limbs
  • To immobilize injured joint
  • As a sports strapping tape

1. Cohesive Bandage does not stick to the skin or hair:

Cohesive” means to stick to itself. When cohesive bandage is wrapped over itself, it sticks or coheres firmly, but does not stick to the skin or hair. This sets it apart from adhesive tape, as there is no pain and damage to skin or hair upon removal of Cohesive Bandage. This also makes it ideal for application on limbs especially in sports injuries.

2. Highly Stretchable:

Cohesive bandage is highly stretchable and stretched length is almost double of unstretched length. This imparts cohesive bandage a lot of flexibility as according to the situation, the level of compression can be set.

For example, cohesive bandage can be wrapped lightly without stretching to give support to an injured finger.

Also, cohesive bandage can be stretched and applied tightly for heavy compression. This is especially useful in case of a wound with severe bleeding.

Elastic Cohesive

Cotton Crepe

3. Provide different level of support as required:

Depending upon the location and severity of injury, Cohesive Bandage can be used to provide adequate support. Whether it is an injured elbow, sprained ankle or bent finger, Cohesive Bandage has you covered for all circumstances.

For Example, in case of an ankle sprain, high level of support is required but bandage cannot be stretched too much as it would constrict the foot and cause swelling. So, more layers of cohesive bandage are wrapped to provide adequate support without causing over constriction. Just wrap the extra layers & press them together. In Case where light support is required, just apply two turns of Cohesive Bandage and press together.


4. It stays ON:

Cohesive Bandage when wrapped and pressed stays firmly placed at the site of application. It is stretchable and does not loosen up upon movement like some tapes do.

It stays like that until removed by unwrapping or pulling off.

5. Easy to Tear:

Cohesive Bandage is quick & easy to apply. It is easy to Tear along its length and width. So to apply it simply tear with hands at the required place and apply. No need for any scissors or blade.

6. Reusable:

A common problem with using adhesive tape is that if it is not applied correctly, it has to be removed and the tape is wasted as adhesive tape cannot be unpeeled and applied again. Here Cohesive Bandage offers an advantage as it does not lose its sticking power even on peeling and applying again. So the same piece of Cohesive Bandage can be reused again and again.

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