Application :

To give Warmth to the body part where applied To give Pressure on the limb or support after fracture

Features :

■ Thick fabric.
■ Woven fast edges.
■ Better elasticity.
■ Controlled, uniform & smooth pressure.
■ Allows normal skin breathing.
■ Washing in warm water restores elasticity.
■ Therefore bandage can be used again & again.

Cotton Crepe Bandage BP Manufacturers

Dr.Sabharwal’s Cotton Crepe Bandage BP, known by the Brand Name Healocrepe, is known for better elasticity, long life, thick fabric, and woven fast edges.

Counted amongst the best Cotton Crepe Bandage BP manufacturers, Dr.Sabharwal’s Healocrepe provides controlled, uniform and smooth pressure when applied.

Washing cotton crepe bandage BP with warm water restores elasticity and it can be used again and again. Dr. Sabharwal is one of the best Cotton Crepe Bandage BP manufacturers

Packing :

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