Adhesive Tape USP consists of cloth evenly coated with pressure sensitive adhesive mass.xvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfree

Description :

Cloth Based Self Adhesive Plaster

Application :

  • To Fix the Dressing at its Place
  • To Fix The Body Part after fracture to immobilize them

Features :

  • Easy unrolling
  • Strong adhesion
  • Easy & painless removal.
  • Zinc oxide imparts it mild antiseptic, antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Sabharwal’s Manufacturing labs Ltd. Started manufacturing Adhesive Tape USP under the brand name of Healoplast in 1984 and was the first indigenous manufacturer in India. It is used to fix dressings at its place. Zinc oxide in adhesive tape imparts it mild antiseptic, antiphlogistic and anti inflammatory properties. Dr. Sabharwal is one of the most reputed  Manufacturers in India. Dr. Sabharwal’s Healoplast is easy to unroll, has strong adhesive and is easy to remove. It is available in all the sizes.

Packing :

Packing : (Hospital Pack)


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