PU Bandage

Polyester based fabric coated with water curable polyurethane. Dr. Sabharwal P.U. Bandage is light weight substitute for Plaster of Paris Bandage.xvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfree

Application :

  • Use To fix the fractured bones
  • Useful Specially for legs where weight bearing walking plaster is required
  • Useful where light weight plaster is required

Features :

  • It is of variable setting time
  • In house knitted fabric which is more conformable, elastic flexible fabric
  • More strength, therefore less bandages are required
  • Non fiberglass bandage, Hence non carcinogenic
  • It is light weight  porous.
  • It is X-ray transparent. Patients can return to work early.
  • Dr. Sabharwal’s P.U. Bandage is more pliable & soft made specially for tropical climates.
  • It is of high strength.
  • To keep it fresh it has been packed in two shells of aluminum foil  one cardboard carton.
  • Available in different colors

Orthopaedic Casting Tape Manufacturers

Orthopaedic Casting Tape is used to fix fractured bones. Dr. Sabharwal’s patented Orthopaedic Casting Tape, known PU Bandage, is Polyurethane based, light weight and has very high strength. It can be used to make a weight bearing walking plaster in case of a fractured leg or ankle. Dr. Sabharwal’s is the only indigenous Orthopaedic Casting Tape manufacturer in India having a patent on the product. It is X-ray transparent, lightweight and porous. It is 100% made in India.

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