It is non woven surgical tape(Paper Tape) coated with hypoallergenic adhesive which is porous and allows skin breathing. It is Tearable

Application :

Used to fix the dressing at its place after Surgery & after changing dressing. Also Used to immobilize the body part

Features :

■ Hypoallergenic ■ Porous ■ Latex Free ■ Strong base paper ■ Easily tearable ■ Sticks firmly to the skin ■ Skin barrier Microporous ■ Easily removable from skin ■ Resistant to water ■ Good aesthetic appearance & Allows normal skin breathingxvideospornfreexvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.netxvideospornfreexvideospornfree.netxvideospornfree.net

Microporous Surgical Tape Manufacturers

Microporous Surgical Tape consists of non woven substrate coated with hypoallergenic adhesive. Dr. Sabharwal’s Microporous Surgical Tape, known as Excel Pore, is used to fix the dressing at its place.

Amongst Microporous surgical Tape Manufacturers in India, Dr. Sabharwal’s was the first to develop this product.

Dr. Sabharwal’s Excel pore is breathable, sticks firmly in all weather conditions, and is easy to remove.

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