Why use Cohesive Bandage as Sports Strapping Tape

Cohesive Bandage sticks only to itself, and not to skin or hair like traditional tapesThis makes it a unique product. Cohesive Bandage is a versatile and useful bandage with many applications. Uses of Cohesive Bandage include: To keep Dressing in place To provide support to injured joints & limbs To immobilize injured joint As a […]

pain patches


TRANSDERMAL DRUG DELIVERY PATCHES: Transdermal Drug Delivery system (TDDS) consists of a substrate coated with self adhesive mass along with a suitable drug. This novel drug delivery system is preferred now a days as it offers many advantages over traditional oral dosage forms. Advantages of Transdermal Drug Delivery Patches: It is preferred when oral drug […]

synthetic casting tape

Synthetic Casting Tape: Fiberglass versus Polyurethane Based Bandages

The first synthetic casting tape developed was Fiberglass (or Fibreglass) based. It was widely acceptable until the development of a more advanced Polyurethane based synthetic casting tape. Polyurethane synthetic casting tape consists of a polyester-based cloth coated with Polyurethane water curable resin. Why is Polyurethane based Synthetic Casting Tape Better? Fiberglass bandage consists of glass […]