types of wound

Types of Wound

What is Wound?​ Types of Wound. Wound is an injury to the body as from violence, accident or surgery that typically involves laceration or breaking of a membrane such as skin. Open wound is a type of injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured. Different types of open wounds:​ Abrasion: Minor scratch upto […]

Advantages of Cohesive Bandage over Adhesive Bandages

Advantages of Cohesive Bandage over Adhesive Bandages​ Adhesive Bandage and Cohesive Bandage are used to keep the dressing at its place. While Adhesive bandages (tapes) stick to hair and skin also, Cohesive Bandage sticks only to itself. Problem associated with the use of adhesive bandages includes:​ 1. Less adhesion:​ These may not stick properly due […]

Why use Cohesive Bandage as Sports Strapping Tape

Cohesive Bandage sticks only to itself, and not to skin or hair like traditional tapesThis makes it a unique product. Cohesive Bandage is a versatile and useful bandage with many applications. Uses of Cohesive Bandage include: To keep Dressing in place To provide support to injured joints & limbs To immobilize injured joint As a […]

synthetic casting tape

Synthetic Casting Tape: Fiberglass versus Polyurethane Based Bandages

The first synthetic casting tape developed was Fiberglass (or Fibreglass) based. It was widely acceptable until the development of a more advanced Polyurethane based synthetic casting tape. Polyurethane synthetic casting tape consists of a polyester-based cloth coated with Polyurethane water curable resin. Why is Polyurethane based Synthetic Casting Tape Better? Fiberglass bandage consists of glass […]